A potted history

Potstop is a small pottery school situated in the heart of Bristol’s harbourside, run by two potters Neil Whitehead and Lou Gilbert Scott. It was originally set up in 1995 as a pottery studio and workshop for ceramic courses and now has approx. 80-100 students from different professions, ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. Pottery has brought us together; we share ideas, conversations and experience while we make pots… and drink tea.

Neil Whitehead BA(Hons)

Neil concentrates primarily on wheel thrown functional ceramics. His main focus is making distinctive teapots that emanate rich earthy qualities.

Lou Gilbert Scott MA RCA

Lou is an experienced studio potter, based in the tradition of craft and pot making within the context of place, material and history.
The concept of the vessel as an object with practical and aesthetic uses; and its representational value to ritual and cultural story telling.
Experimental in her approach to materials, she has worked with mud, fruit, grass seed, hot glass and film, always using clay as the core material.
The past 20years her artistic practice has often involved working collaboratively with other artists, particularly within the area of making and walking and more recently making and rowing.